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The Tatra T77 was the first serially produced aerodynamically designed automobile.

Launched in 1934, and produced until 1938 it was powered by a rear mounted 75 hp 3.4 litre air-cooled V8 engine. A lightweight magnesium alloy called Electron was used in the engine, transmission, suspension and various body parts. The T77 also had one of the lowest coefficients of drag at 0.212.

1938 Tatra T77a

This T77a was manufactured in 1937 and sold in 1938. It was delivered on April 26, 1938 to a private individual who lived in Czechoslovakia. The Tatra was then acquired in 1939 by the occupying German forces and was used as a staff car until the end of the war. It was then taken and used by the Soviet Red Army from 1945 until it was sold to a Soviet citizen in 1951. The Russian owner used the Tatra on a regular basis to take holidays to the Black Sea. In 1989 he garaged it when he became too elderly to drive.

In 1999, I acquired the T77a in Russia, and subsequently took it to the Czech Republic for restoration.The Tatra was amazingly intact, had all the original parts, chassis and engine. Over the following five years, RS Restoration in Koprivnice restored the Tatra to concours condition. It has been shown in numerous Concours on both coasts since arriving in North America.

1938 Tatra T77a VIN 35719

The rear interior of the Tatra T77a VIN 35719, the luggage comparment is behind the seats.

The front seats, steering wheel is on the right since Czechoslovakia drove on that side of the road pre-war.

Glass division between the rear passengers and the chauffeur.

All original dials, the small "camera like" object is the ashtray and lighter.

The overhead valved aircooled V8 engine is manufactured out of Electron

The distributor is an advanced twin coil, the copper tubes are for petrol and oil.

The front trunk holds the gas tank and spare tire, notice the original cam shaped Bibendum wheel.

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